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iQuest is a competitive class in which students can pursue an internship or independent study plan in a field they are passionate about. It offers seniors the opportunity to intern in a field in which they are interested so they can gain hands-on experience about a future in specific careers. Within two years, Mrs. Gagnon grew the program from 20 students more than 60, and it is now one of the most applied-to programs at Cal High. She spends hours reading students' blog posts, correcting resumes and cover letters, teaching life tips in class, all while exceeding at instructing two history classes.

“The only way to truly know if a job or industry is right for you, is to experience it first hand,” said iQuest teacher Shanna Gagnon to the Californian paper, “Gaining experience early can help inform decisions that will positively impact the next phase of academics for our students.”  


iQuest students leave Cal High with a vision and direction for their future goals and better prepared than anyone who they will come up against. Students enter iQuest as high school students and leave as critical thinkers, passionate leaders, and self-aware adults who are ready to take on the world in and out of a professional context.


iQuest is a class available to seniors. The class meets once per week on campus. On the rest of the class days, the students enrolled spend time off campus at their internships. The students’ internships have a huge impact and give them a competitive advantage in rich academic and professional experience.